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Although each project we undertake is different, we can give approximate timescales based on the size and power of the boiler you have chosen.

For example, our 80kw and 130kw boilers have a lead time of four weeks which means that an installation can be planned and executed in a relatively short period of time.

250kw, 500kw and 1000kw Swebo EcoFire boilers will usually take about five weeks to install if they are 4-bar systems, whereas the 10-bar versions of the 500kw and 1000kw heaters will take up to 16 weeks.

Finally, a 500kw Swebo BioTherm system will also usually take up to 16 weeks, while the 1000kw version will take up to 20 weeks.

As we meticulously plan each heating system to precisely suit your individual needs and premises, these timescales are only examples. If you would like a more precise indication of how long it would take to install a new heating system for you, please get in touch with us at your convenience.

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