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The Buying Process


The Buying Process

Each of clients benefits from a unique and tailor-made buying experience. Every stage of the process is designed with your specific needs in mind, as we want you to receive the maximum benefit possible. Here is how the process typically works:


Every biomass heating project begins with working out exactly what your needs are. An in-depth survey of your heat demands is made to ensure that the system we install will the most economical and efficient possible. An experienced member of our team will project manage the entire process meaning that all of the hard work is done for you. Whatever queries you have about the various systems available, RHI, energy requirements, financial support etc. will be answered during this stage, leaving you with a crystal clear picture of how the project will proceed.


At Biosol we are able to match your energy needs with a financial package that makes economic sense for you. Biomass heating systems do not come cheap, and nor should they as they provide a long-term return on investment that will benefit you for years to come. Nevertheless, if you need financial support in applying for finance to fund the installation, we work closely with a selection of reliable lenders to put the required funding in place.

Design and Installation

This is when Biosol makes full use of its years of experience and expertise. Each biomass heating system is designed for a specific installation and its associated needs. We do not do ‘one-size-fits-all’. Whatever your motivation – to save on fuel costs, reduce your CO₂ emissions, or as a long-term investment, we can design a system that will deliver for your business. When it comes to installation, we work pragmatically to make the process as stress free as possible. Each project has a carefully planned schedule and you will know exactly what is happening at every stage.

Maintenance and Support

Once your system is installed and up-and-running, Biosol will remain by your side to ensure your system is running flawlessly and you are receiving the maximum benefit. We undertake any maintenance work that needs doing and will give you our full expertise when it comes to making the most of RHI and heating your premises most efficiently. Training will also be provided so that the heating system can be operated efficiently and safely.

Did you know?

These renewable fuel sources can be up to 50% cheaper than oil, 65% cheaper than LPG and 75% cheaper than electricity.

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