With 30 years’ experience and a particular focus on research, we are leading the development of both current and future bioenergy solutions. Through listening to our customers and tailoring our development and production accordingly, we can remain market leaders by offering new and innovative solutions. Our primary markets are in Europe, with Sweden as our home market. Having our development centre in Boden means that we benefit from the arctic climate, which provides the ideal conditions for creating longterm bioenergy solutions, serving either homes and premises or heating plants for industrial applications. We offer complete solutions including planning, commissioning and problemfree heat production. Our project control and support network is in place for as long as the system is in operation. This means that the customer benefits from a supplier with responsibility for the whole installation – simply and securely. Business concept Our business concept is to fulfil customers’ needs by designing, supplying and optimising cost-effective energy solutions with the focus on sound, environmentally conscious values.


The SWEBO BioTherm: the most extreme bioenergy solution on the market
with immediate benefits.
The current global trend is a realisation that we must look after our resources. New,
innovative energy solutions must not put pressure on the already highly-stressed
Bioenergy solutions have always been considered one of the most environmentally
friendly energy alternatives because they do not increase carbon dioxide emissions.
That is a fact.
The SWEBO BioTherm takes bioenergy a step further. All by-products, such as straw
bedding and manure, can be burnt to produce clean energy. Emissions are far
below the limit values, and the ash left over can be used as an excellent fertiliser for
the forestry industry.
With the SWEBO BioTherm, you not only save a lot of money – you also help to
save the environment!

Here you can see the simple difference when using a SWEBO BioTherm



• The SWEBO BioTherm is available in versions from 80 kW to 1000 kW. •

The burner is available in both single and double design versions.

• The SWEBO BioTherm double version is adapted for scalable operation.

• Examples of compatible fuels: – Horse manure (moisture content up to 50%) – Moist wood chips (moisture content up to 61%) – Waste pellets – Traditional pellets – Harvesting residue – Offal, etc.

• Extremely low emissions. • Combustion temperature in the combustion chamber approx. 850 degrees

• Combustion temperature in the secondary pipes/SCC approx. 1,100 degrees

• SWEBO Backup – automatic backup function with pellets that automatically comes into force unless the manure can be fired or if it runs out.

swebo 3





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