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Eco Angus 80 / 130kW


Eco Angus 80 / 130kW


The Eco Angus 80kw and 130kw wood gasification boilers are designed for heating various types of buildings such as industrial units, workshops and drying facilities within carpentry, farm and rural settings. These boilers are usually powered by logs or off-cuts which can also be combined with briquettes, sawdust and woodchips.

Modern wood gasification boilers such as these use energy from wood three times more effectively than appliances with a traditional hearth, and their emissions are similar to gas boilers. These boilers meet the most rigorous European standards and provide nearly twice as much heat as traditional boilers or fireplaces.

Eco Angus boilers are manufactured to a high quality without unnecessary complexity which means they are simple to both operate and maintain. Competitively priced, Eco Angus boilers have a proven track record of reliability and will reduce your carbon footprint as this boiler range is carbon neutral.

Boiler features:

  • Three-year warranty for boiler tightness
  • Up to 91% net efficiency
  • MCS accredited
  • Comply to emission levels required for the Renewable Heat Incentive
  • Listed on the DEFRA smoke exempt appliances list
  • Large loading capacity
  • Can use logs up to 100cm length
  • Small amount of ash residue
  • Low maintenance costs
  • User-friendly construction
  • Up to 12 hours continuous operation
  • Modulated fan power 30-100%
  • Suitable for open-vented and pressurised systems
  • Electronic controller with option to connect a remote control panel with 20m wire
  • Made from the highest quality 6mm boiler steel
  • Environmentally friendly with almost zero balance of CO2
  • Half-round fire grate

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