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Fuel Types on Supply


Fuel Types on Supply

Festivals Wood Chip

Our festival wood chip delivers an inexpensive temporary ground cover that is swift to install.

Why Festival Grade Wood Chip?

We have strategically placed supply stations throughout the UK and can provide several grades of woodchips for your festival event, no matter the quantity or quality required.

With full UK coverage, we distribute promptly, and our Festival grade wood chip absorbs water to help ease hazardous, muddy playing conditions.

Play Grade Wood Chip

Every single play area is unique. If you have high climbing frames, then critical fall height must be considered when making your supply choice. If not, the decision should come down to aesthetics, price and utility. RoSPA recommends 300mm depth minimum for public play spaces and 150mm for family. However, these figures should also be balanced versus the performance of the fuel when high standing play equipment is being used.

Why Play chip?

Used by households, councils and commercial play areas across England and Wales, Biosol Renewables’ play chip is manufactured using only virgin pine and provides an attractive, easy-to-maintain and safe play area that ensures a soft landing for your children.

As ornamental as it is safe, our play chip lasts considerably longer than other barks and mulches, thanks to its clean, easy-to-drain and frost resistant properties.

Landscaping Wood Chip

Our high-quality, durable, wood chip is made from Spruce, Pine and Larch making it ideal for creating an attractive, decorative finish.

Equestrian Wood Chip

This lovely wood fibre is suitable for riding schools, lunging rings, courses and horse walkers across all disciplines. Strong, long-lasting, lightweight, simple to install and easy to maintain.

Woodchip Pricing

The Biosol Renewables team force dry woodchip and can provide customer-specific moisture content levels, between a range of 15%-30%

  1. We transport 30, 40, 60 & 100m3 loads using tipper and walking floor vehicles.
  2. We employ reliable and professional hauliers that have a distinct knowledge of the importance of contaminant-free vehicles.
  3. Upon request, we can produce photographs of clean, contaminant-free vehicles
  4. Our supply fulfilment team can contact you before an expected order to prepare your delivery.
  5. The fulfilment team can contact you before each supply delivery to ensure you are informed of their ETA
  6. Delivery costs may vary depending on load size, moisture content and the distance from our station to the end-users address.

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