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Biomass Wood Fuel


Biomass Wood Fuel

Biosol Renewables supply sustainable dry wood chip, engineered to British Standards with low moisture content, consistent chip size and high calorific value.

Less fuel. More output (kWh). Higher RHI payments

Our sustainable wood chip is supplied at a consistent quality, with high calorific wood chip fuel specifically produced to generate the most achievable performance from biomass boilers.

Dried to specification, our wood chip provides the maximum kWh per tonne & ensures that a customer’s boiler performs optimum energy efficiency and payback.

Optimum 25% moisture content matches the design criteria for high-performance biomass boilers.

Wood fuel prices have been exceptionally reliable in comparison to other fuels when looking in the long to medium term.

Wood fuel has the potential to give end-users affordable energy that can, potentially, be protected from increases in fossil fuel prices.

An excellent sustainable form of heating fuel

At Biosol Renewables, we have an ethical farming policy in place. We assure our clients that the wood purchased from our supply chain comes from well-managed forests that comply with the Forestry Commission Standard for managing woodlands.

This means for every tree that gets chopped down for our wood chip production many more get replanted. These new growing trees consume more carbon than older trees. Only 2% of these managed forests are harvested in any one year, leaving 98% to absorb the carbon discharged.

Fuel Type

Softwoods dry swiftly and give a high-quality burn. The kinds of wood used will have a bearing on the calorific content; however, once wood chips have been dried, there tends to be little difference in the calorific value. Biosol Renewables utilises a spruce larch mix; both conifers are very high in calorific value when dried to a low moisture level.

Wood Fuel in comparison to other Fuels

Wood fuel prices have been stable compared to other alternative fuels. Wood fuel is a competing source of heat compared to most fuels like, for example, oil, LPG and even natural gas when looking in the long to medium term.

It has the potential to offer users affordable energy that, to some extent, can be protected from increases in fossil fuel prices. It also has conceivably the lowest cost of all renewable energy technologies.

Switching over to a biomass heating system such as wood chip instead of oil or LPG could save you between 40% and 60% on your heating bills depending upon the type of fuel currently being used, the age and efficiency of your current biomass system.

Optimum moisture content matches the design criteria for high-performance boilers.

  1. Better RHI payments. (Payments are made based on the kWh output). More kWh, through more reliable quality fuel, means higher RHI.
  2. Increase in kWh output and higher calorific value per tonne.
  3. Lower ash residue, less maintenance, less operating costs.
  4. Guaranteed 100% virgin timber product
  5. Guaranteed free from contaminants

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