Welcome to  Biosol Renewables UK Ltd, we design bespoke solar panel systems to meet your individual requirement if that be a minimalist 1kW system or a large scale commercial system, we can meet your requirements.

We also supply Biomass boilers to the public and commercial alike we design, supply, install and maintain biomass boilers starting from compact 15KW systems up to 1MW commercial systems we specialize in the design and installation of agricultural systems and pride ourselves on being able to hit any target we are set.


OFGEM Changes to the current Biomass Tariff 

From March 2017 the current 2 Tier system is going to change.

Contact: info@biosolrenewablesuk.co.uk – for details


PV Solar

Photovoltaics is the direct conversion of light into useable electricity at the atomic level dean.

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 Feed in Tariff

Launched across the UK on 1st April 2010, this scheme offers you a tax-free annual return.

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SWEBO BioTherm

Designed to burn horse and chicken manure, extremely moist chips,offal.

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Biomass Heating

Biomass is biological material derived entirely from living, or recently living organisms.

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